Juan de Lascurain

Is a designer - entrepeneur with several brands. A former collegiate tennis player in the US and triathlete who competed in the 1999 Hawaii Ironman in Kona. In 2004 the owner of a non-profit tv network offered him free air-time to do a show to inspire young people. That show went on to air in over 23 Spanish speaking countries.

In 2008 while doodling on a napkin, a lady saw him and told him he needed to paint. He started playing around with acrylic on canvas, then painted his jeans and eventually started doing commercial designs.

In 2011 he had $200 left in his pocket and moved to Mexico City. Because of lack of money he decided to stay at a youth hostel downtown Mexico City paying $5 a night. He printed ten notebooks with his designs and and decided to start selling them at a local Starbucks. Talking to whoever sat next to him! After a few months the manager agreed to let him sell the notebooks in the counter and put his paintings on the wall. That became his first retail spot, gallery and office.

He is the first Latin American artist to have his work displayed on the tallest building in the world - ¨Burj Khalifa¨ in Dubai. His brand Dream Big is licensed in over 10 countries and has collaborations with name brands like Kleenex, Kotex and many others.

It doesn´t matter where you come from, or how much money you might have. If you have faith, a dream and you work hard. ¨You can accomplish anything.¨


Juan de Lascurain starts the Vidayouth tv show to inspire young people to follow their dreams.


While doodling on a napkin a lady tells Juan that he should become an artist. That is the beginning of Dream Big.


After investing all his money on the brand, Juan runs out of money, without a place to live he ends up staying with his brother and doing construction work in Beverly Hills.


Juan returns to Mexico city after more than 20 years of living in the US. He rents a bed at a youth hostel downtown Mexico city, paying $3 dollars per night. At the same time he starts selling notebooks with his designs at a local Starbucks.


Juan starts licensing his brand with a notebook company called Dipak, that same year in partnership with Versatex they sign 10 licenses in Mexico.


Juan travels to Paris to present his brand at Maison and Objet, he closes 3 more licenses. He decides to stay in Barcelona to promote his brand in Europe, Asia and India.


He closes a license with Kleenex for Mexico. Juan starts to give conferences in different countries, Kenya, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Dubai.


Juan starts manufacturing some of his own products to sell to tourist destinations.


Travels to Dubai to speak about a potential collaboration with the Burj Khalifa.


Juan becomes the first Latin American artist to have his work displayed at the Burj Khalifa..


With the arrival of the Covid pandemic all retail spaces are closed and the e-commerce platform and Amazon store are launched.

With new products in DreamBig.mx


The launch of the swimwear and sportswear line and we manufacture the first products for Hotel Nobu in Los Cabos.

La marca de relojes Swatch invita a Juan a hacer diseños para una colección exclusiva, se cierra una licencia con Ravensburger, la empresa Alemana fabricante de rompecabezas.


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